Thor Workout Supplements

All supplements required for the Thor Workout are listed below. All supplement pictures are linked to and company websites to make ordering of product easy and reliable. Most of the supplements will be cheaper ordering them this way. The prices are usually significantly cheaper than in retail supplement stores.

* I highly recommend getting these supplements for the routine. They will make a significant difference in results and gains with this program.


NO-Xplode is used in this program to flood muscles with nitric oxide and other muscle growth nutrients to kick start your muscles into an anabolic state first thing in the morning.



BRAINTECH PLUS is loaded with nutrients and herbs that have been shown to heighten focus and alertness. ¬†This is a must have neuro-stimulating pre-workout supplement.¬†(Because this is one of the newer supplements on the market, you will have to order this one from the company site. You receive a discount if you “Like” and order from them on Facebook.)

Optimum Nutriton Whey Protein

Optimum Nutrition Whey Protein is used to ensure muscles are consistently fed protein throughout the day for growth and recovery.

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate

Optimum Nutrition Creatine Monohydrate is used to make sure muscles are always loaded with creatine, which is a key supplement for muscle growth. This will affect gains significantly.

ALA (Alpha-Lipoic Acid)

ALA is used to assist your body with carbohydrate metabolism and acts as an anti-oxident for your body.

Tonalin CLA

Tonalin CLA is taken with most meals throughout this program to ensure your bodies metabolism is keeping up the food you are consuming and assisting your body with the high calories by absorbing nutrients from food you eat and not storing them as fat.

Optimum Nutrition Casein Protein

Optimum Nutrition Casein Protein is a slow digesting protein that you will take after workouts and before bed to have a protein time release affect.

Animal Pack

Animal Pack is one of the best multi-vitamins on the market. Extra vitamins and minerals will keep your body functioning at its peak performance level.






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